Autumnal Nouveau Styled Shoot

This Nouveau theme had been sitting in the back of my mind for some time and it was almost as if I was waiting for some added inspiration to hit me before putting it out there... I was driving home one afternoon and was struck by the beautiful warm Autumn tones. I knew it was a PERFECT fit for my vision!... Of course I called up a few of my go-to, super talented lady friends to collaborate and help bring this vision to life.... As life goes, things don't always go to plan and a number of my ideas needed to be scrapped last minute due to the impending thunderstorm! As the cliche' saying goes, if you get lemons.. make lemonade. We ended up with only 40mins of actual shooting time before the rain came down. (We snuck a few quick rain photos before high tailing it back to our warm, dry car!) 

Thanks to the wonderfully talented team that helped me put this together, See their links below :)  x

Hair/Makeup: MadeUp by Ruth

Florals: Rose, Blossom and Wild

Dress and Skirt : Natalie Chan Bridal

Jewellery: Anoushka Van Rijn Jewellery


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