Finding ‘beauty’ in the mundane

This week I set myself a mini challenge.  The idea stemmed from meeting couples and families and explaining to them that it's not always the backdrop that makes a gorgeous photo... I explained how a lot of it came down to the quality of light and how I interpret the scene to get across a certain feeling. I'm often on a shoot and get all excited... "ooh, oooh, look at that!! Look at that light, see that dust?.. go quick, lets get you guys over there...." only to be met by puzzled looks and I can almost hear their thoughts....  "errrrrm, okay, she want us to stand THERE?! She is full crazy, but let's humour her because she's so excited" haha... SO, here I am trying to show that a very simple mundane scene can sometimes translate into something beautiful :)  

HOWEVER, it's not a challenge without boundaries and limitations right? So, some Rules:

- I can only use areas in my neighbourhood within walking distance of each other
- No photoshop or digital manipulation to add OR remove elements
- While I'm making it tricky for myself, I put a call out for a local model, and along with a few lovely messages, one stood out... She's NOT a model, but said she'd love the opportunity to start a portfolio. So, meet the gorgeous Brooke! For her first modelling gig, I think she nailed it! :) 

1) Location one was just a couple of containers on the side of the road.
I liked the colour, line and graphic elements for this one.

2) This was literally at a major intersection, but I had seen the wisteria in bloom and thought that with the sun setting behind it, it'd be stunning! 


3) This was a little grove of trees just off to the side of the road along a path. I have often driven past and though, when the sun sets on them the tones are gorgeous.


4) This was literally the back of a rickety old fence. I loved the texture and lines flanked by the ivy and green grass with spring flowers.


5) I went for a more moody vibe here. With direct sun falling on this old fence and Brookes face, we used light and shadow to create the feel.


6) This contrasting scene was around the corner in a vacant property. A hedge full of beautiful blooms which I knew would create an ethereal feel.


7) The last scene was an old corrugated iron shed juxtaposed with some rich greenery. The organic and natural feel contrasted nicely with a man made one.

I hope you enjoyed this little documentation and exploration of my neighbourhood :)

I challenge you all to look around your local area as you go for a walk, or a drive, and see the beauty in the mundane. It is all around us if we are open to seeing it with creative eyes :) x Lara


If you`d like more information, or to chat with us about capturing your special day please drop us a message with your date, the location and a bit about you. We look forward to hearing from you!