Tips for planning a stress free wedding day

Lets face it. People invest SO much time, planning, money and energy into planning their wedding, which really, is one day in their lives.... So, you want to make sure that your big day is the best that it can possibly be. Make it last a little longer, avoid dramas, give your guests the best experience, all the while, you have a day that is perfect for who you are as a couple.

Having shot well over 150 weddings I have picked up a few tips from every wedding and stored them in my memory bank (sometimes in scribbles in a note book) and I thought it was about time I wrote a blog so that future brides have all the information at their fingertips to help with making their day run super smoothly!


      Choosing vendors:

  • The vendors you choose for your day will have a huge impact on your experience
  • Choose vendors you trust and connect with. Make sure you have seen a good range of examples of their work
  • Word of mouth is a great to way to start. Ask friends who have had genuinely great experiences with their vendors
  • Many vendors will be able to recommend other professionals they enjoy working with. I only recommend people I would use myself.


  • Being organised is not everyones cup of tea. But having a simple plan, a checklist and a budget can be really helpful to keep on top of things
  • Timelines or schedules are super important. I usually work with my clients on this based on information they already have from their venue.
  • DELIGATE. While it's your wedding day,  don't try and do everything yourself. Utilise willing friends and family to help where possible to reduce some of the stress.



  • Try and have a good nights sleep. Nerves and excitement can keep people awake, but try not to rush around doing things the evening before as it will get your adrenaline pumping!
  • Some people enjoy doing yoga, it might be a soak in a bubble bath, watching a favourite movie, or do something to relax the night before.
  • Start off the day with a good hearty breakfast, you may find you forget to eat much during the day and you will need energy.
  • Most importantly, allow more than enough time for hair and makeup, this can run overtime and it can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and rushing which can have a knock on effect through out the day.
  • The mood of the preparations sets the tone for the whole day. Keep it happy, fun and as stress free as possible :) 
  • Think about the environment you are getting ready in.  It is the space big enough for everyone who will be there, plus hair/makeup artists/photographer/videographer etc... 

     During the day:

    • Be sure to keep hydrated through out the day. It's important to enjoy every moment and not fade at the end due to sunstroke or dehydration. 
    • If it's and outdoor wedding, particularly in summer, you may want to consider sunblock.
    • Take time during the day, even if its jsut 5 minutes, to step away from it all with your new husband or wife. Take a moment to reflect, talk, and observe.
    • Don't sweat the small stuff. People wont notice if there are small things out of place, the day will be amazing, so just roll with it and have a ball!


  • Honeymoon!
  • Take time to enjoy your new husband/wife's company as the past weeks may have been busy and overwhelming.
  • Thank you's. While thank you cards can be seen as outdated and are quite often forgotton (or not sent out for months or even years) saying thank you to those special people who contributed, bought gifts or were part of your big day is always well reciprocated. It may even be with a phonecall or personalised email. 


If you`d like more information, or to chat with us about capturing your special day please drop us a message with your date, the location and a bit about you. We look forward to hearing from you!