Soul Sisters Wedding Albums by Queensberry NZ

Your Wedding Album - A Family Heirloom 

How many of you remember being a child, opening that chest of drawers, pulling out your parents, or your grandparents wedding album, dusting off the cover and slowly musing over every image? I'm sure, like I do, many of you have fond memories of turning the discoloured pages, touching the photos, and likely chuckling over Aunty Sandra's satin bridesmaids dress with the poofy sleeves, or Uncle Johns dirty mo or 80's mullet!

I spent hours at my Grandmas house, sitting on the sofa with my sisters and cousins, paging through her wedding albums (she had a few over the years ;) )  Infact, we'd look through all the family albums too, going right back to when our parents were young.

Actually, as I reflect back, I wonder if my love of photography and preserving memories started here!?...  These are a few of my Mum and Dads wedding photos from 36 years ago which I still LOVE looking at :) 


Why Are Albums Important?

In this day of modern technology, with phones and cameras at our fingertips, you would think we would be enjoying our special memories more than ever before. Unfortunately, because it is so 'easy' to have everything digital, it means we are not printing and enjoying our favourite images as much as we should. Not to mention that our favourites are often lost in a sea of sub par photos, getting further and further out of sight and out of mind.

There is something to be said about sitting with your spouse, with your friend or with a loved one and turning the pages of your very own wedding album, seeing the images dance together on a page as they tell the story of your special day. It just can't be compared to scrolling through hundreds of photos on a computer screen or phone. 


Our Albums

I have a background in design, so one of my favourite parts of a wedding is to put together an album for my couples. I try to tell the story of THEIR day, because everyones is different :)
It is an experience in itself when you hold your album, feel the texture of the cover, and the smooth pages as you turn them one by one, hearing the pages open then close with each chapter, and having your eyes dance around the pages to all the details. You'll find something new to talk about every time you look at it, depending who you're experiencing it with.

We offer a range of top quality Queensberry albums. They are one of the most popular International Album suppliers and we are lucky enough to have them based here in New Zealand.  But don't take my word for it, hopefully these images speak for themselves.

I can't wait to work with you to create the perfect heirloom album of your wedding day.


If you`d like more information, or to chat with us about capturing your special day please drop us a message with your date, the location and a bit about you. We look forward to hearing from you!