Charlotte & Aaron

14th February 2017

Aaron is a massive Star Wars fan but he was told by his bride to be, Charlotte, that anything other than his Star Wars cuff links and some lightsaber photos would be too 'nerdy' to incorporate into their the wedding... In saying this, she had a little surprise planned for him...  Once he was ready and waiting anxiously for the ceremony to start, the star wars soundtrack began to play and Darth Vader HIMSELF, accompanied by a storm trooper, marched in and made their way down the aisle! They proceeded to wish him well before joining the rest of the guests for the ceremony... The look of utter shock and confusion on his face was absolutely priceless! This is proof of just how much Charlotte loves him. Her stylish, floral wedding with pink tones and sparkles, was presided over by these two Star Wars figures... and I'm sure she wouldn't have had it any other way! Their day was full of happy tears and SO much laughter. I'll let the pictures do the talking and leave you with this  - "May The Force Be With You!" 

Vendors that contributed to this gorgeous day:


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